Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I'm Not Saying, I'm Just Saying...


Heroic leader who is set up as the chief representative of his/her species

Bucky O'Hare Default Shepards

Member of all-female species with immense psychic powers, who is also de-facto love interest and fanservice, who is direct competition with latest female guest star
Jenny Liara Character Box

Deadpan snarker who acts as sharpshooter and main ship gunner, has cool injury to one side of face and goes rogue from his previous job to join the crew
Deadeye Duck GarrusME200

Boisterous big guy from a proud warrior race, known for berserker rages and frightens the crap out of most mooks
Bruiser Wrex Character Box

Adorkable young genius who gets involved through happenstance and for some reason cannot return home, proves to be tougher and more courageous than they first seem
Willy DuWitt Tali Character Box

Artificial intelligence that serves as backup tech guy
AFC Blinky Legion

Massive god-like AI that mind controls his minions into doing his bidding, seeking to eradicate the pesky organics keeping him from total domination/eradication of all known life

Dragon to the massive AI above, that leads the enemy forces, becomes a cyborg and only sees others as either tools, scum or annoyances
Toadborg Virmire Saren Fueltank Full Shot Cropped

Humanoid yet clearly alien threat that acts as antithesis to dominant races (reptile/amphibian vs. mammal and organic vs synthetic), who were once thought a joke/empty threat but thanks to above AI have become much more dangerous
 New Geth Races Page Image

Joke character that keeps getting in the way of the plot, thinks he is more important than he is and everyone would rather he just shut up and go home
Air Marshal ConradVerner

Awesome spaceship with fitting name that is known for being a prototype with experimental technology (that mainly acts as a handwave)
Image Normandy Render

Personal vehicle that steers like a b*tch but deserves a bit respect (although one is clearly superior)
Courtesy this guy
 Mako 2

Federation of alien worlds united to fight the invading menace, with rank and file members just as brave as the main hero....
Commander Dogstar Anderson Character Box

but led by the most useless council imaginable
Vice Chairman Griff Citcouncill

I'm not saying, I'm just saying...

(Bucky O'Hare and Mass Effect are owned by their respective owners. Images used, unless otherwise indicated, are from The Bucky O'Hare Fan Fiction and Information Site and Mass Effect Wiki. Used for humor purposes only.)

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