Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day...Hell, Snow WEEK

Well, if you haven't heard, Most of Atlanta is under a crapload of snow. I mean, the whole city is FROZEN. Nobody is going anywhere. On top of that, I managed to get stuck with laryngitis and a snuffed nose for the last few days. So it was a ball of fun time for me.

What that means for you is that I can no longer procrastinate using an every increasing list of excuses be forced to deprive myself of entertianing you good followers any longer.

So while I prep my CB3 reviews (I swear they are coming), I figure I might talk to you about the hours upon hours of television I have subjected myself to. I am glad that I finally caught up on several films I had missed before.

So, without further ado:

Superman II: Not ragging on it or anything (Lord knows I wouldn't do that), but during the street fight scene (where Superman is crushed by a bus and thought dead) I noticed that 1) Metropolis citizens are wishy-washy as hell. How many times does this guy have to save them before they stop bitching and moaning everytime he leaves for a few minites. damn ya'll. And 2) there is at least one really awesome citizen though who, in response to the threat of three superbeings, goes "Let's get them, I know a little judo." No, go and watch it again, and listen for it. That is probably the bravest dumbass in cinematic extra history.

Book of Eli: Huh. Well, I think this film falls in the same pit as, say, Hancock, where I can see where they were going, and they started off pretty good, but they had no idea how they were going to keep it up the entire length. Plus, any subtext the movie had, especially around the whole "religion as a social weapon" pretty much became text. Look, I wasn't as flummoxed as apparently so many others were when the big twists happened, but I do see where the disappointment lies. By the way: so the Bible and (assumedly) all religious texts are destroyed. But books that reference those texts, like say, The Da Vinci Code were not (a copy of which are shown amognst the books brought to Carnegie in the early parts of the movie). Huh. I did like the design though. and Jennifer Beals and Mila Kunis didn't hurt things.

Dragonball Evolution: Look, I amde a deal with myself to watch at least one really shitty movie while I was sick, and it was either this or Battlefield Earth at the time. And you know what? It isn't as horrible as I thought. Now hold ON. It is still terrible. But honestly, if they cut all the compeltely unecessary high school subplot, it would have been a lot more accurate to the anime storyline. Still would ahve been a blight on humanity and another reason I still sneak my anime in, but it would have been a less bitter pill to swallow.

Women In Trouble: Well, the title is quite accurate. And it is hella funny and sad and crazy and brilliant. And i probably shouldn't be this turned on, but I mean, have you seen this film? If I wasn't at least uncomfortably aroused, I might be doing it wrong. And look at Mentalist-guy being all pensive and shit...

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: Well, if you have noticed, I don't relaly ahve a lot to say about the good ones. Here is another. Hot damn. I see why Terry Gilliam gets such love. And I gotta say, didn't see the last few minutes coming. Woof. But on a more serious note, if one had to ahve a last film, you could do worse like Street Fighter and I will leave it at that.

Black Dynamite: Still awesome as hell. By the way, laughing hard while having laryngitis is not a good idea. You will nearly die.

Series 7 The Contenders: I had seen this some years ago, and when I saw it on the guide, I had to turn in on again. For those of you unaware, think Battle Royale as a reality show. It is pretty fucked up, and great as hell. It is still trippy as hell to recognize folks from this film on other stuff (let me tell you, for a while I thought Grey's Anatomy was about to get reeeeeeaaaalllly interesting). And this was before the whole reality show influx thing, too. I wonder what a followup would look like.

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