Monday, September 14, 2009


Sorry for the long delay in posting, had some craziness going on.

Got back into school, only have one class to go. Had a bit of a stumble when I found out I couldn't get any more federal aid, but I got some help and got back in.

But now I am still broke. And my job at school is on hiatus apparently. At least until October 1st. I had one other job offer, but they need me to be there at the same time my class is scheduled. Yay me.

I tried having a yard sale. Not too great moneywise, but a good start at least. I am thinking an online sale would be better though.

I got distracted from my story for Blog Fiction for a while, but I am starting back up. Should have the rest posted soon. I am also working on a short story to submit to Analog magazine (a sci-fi short story mag, for those not familiar). Cross your fingers, because the monet ain't nothing for me to sneeze at.

That is about it. I appreciate all my readers. I hope I can get enough mojo going to write something new, and maybe trawl the archives for some anniversary posts or something.


1 brain pickings:

  1. I'm just glad to see you posting again, sir.
    Good luck to you in every endeavor and especially in getting a story published!


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