Saturday, February 14, 2009

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Our Beloved Kat is back, and she is now rockin' the plaid pajamas and the eyepatch and the skull fireplace. One word: SEXAY. (Kat Dennings)

I do indeed have a negative body image, but not because of video games. Although Dante from DMC does inspire some feelings I don't really want to address (Endsights, courtesy of Penny Arcade)

See how these superheroes really did change the world (mental_floss)

A bunch of crazy Swiss people got together at an warehouse skatepark, dressed up as elves and orcs, and proceeded to blast each other with Lazer Tag guns. The part of me that wants to laugh has been kicked to death by the part that is mad jealous. (Shadowrun LiveJournal)

I would join in on the Fuck Disney vibe, but I am kinda waiting for my princess to come and take me away. Hopefully said princess will be a penis-starved Vanessa Hudgens. Oh it's cool: she's legal now. Right? RIGHT?!?!! (Cracked)

I know, another Cracked article. But this time, a focus one of the few likable things about 2008 (Cracked)

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