Friday, December 05, 2008

Project Geek Out Is Over.

Thank you for all your support and and everything. It was supremely appreciated and I will never forget it.

But I have spent too much time and energy on this thing, and my latest video setback has only reaffirmed the obvious: this is simply not going to work. This whole tape process is based on my weakest personal trait - my inability to talk about myself, positively or not. After so long keeping to myself, I am incapable of being that open with anyone, especially when I can't even see their reactions. So what sane person would continue to torture himself in such a way? None.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I am not in the most cheerful of moods right now.

In other words, after three damn audition tapes, impending finals, and a near breakdown, I am done with the Beauty and the Geek audition process. If they pick me, fine. But I am not sending in any more material, and I am not reapplying.

Obviously, if it is such a situation where my casting depended on this video, well, I am just shit outta luck. I am not going to burden myself with another stupid pipe dream.

Such the way goes all my attempts and anything wholeheartedly.

So, thanks again for the support. Really appreciated it.

Oh, and sorry, but I have already taped over the footage, so no vids for you folks. Nothing really to see anyway, 'cept a guy make a damned fool of himself.

1 brain pickings:

  1. Oh well, Beauty and the Geek isn't worthy of you, Vivi. You're still our favouritest dork ever! Yes, I spell "favouritest" with a u, I'm Canadian. We're like Americas hat.


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