Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hottie in my Book: Alicia Witt

Hoo boy, it has been a while, eh? Sorry about the long delay, real life and all. I SWEAR I will do more posting soon.

And as a show of faith to my readers, especially those inclined towards these things, I am doing another HimB post. In what had to be serendipity or just plain fate, my friends over at Pajiba recently did a list of the five hottest Hollywood redheads, which I approved of more of less. But I still thought something was missing.

Leave it to Popoholic to remind me of the lovely Alica Witt with this little video:

This is possibly the only instance in my life I will ever say these words: I wish I was Jon Cryer.

For more info and lots of pictures, go here. Unfortunately, I must refrain form going any further, since my code keeps me from dwelling on married women. Oh, well.

1 brain pickings:

  1. Alicia Witt is ALWAYS hot. Even in that crappy thing with Kristanna Loken.

    The fact that she's married shouldn't put you off...


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