Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Evidence is Mounting

Yes, once again I dive into my bag of tricks and try to (mis?)construe clips of Tyra Banks into proof that she is a sexual predator using her media-given powers to molest and sexually gratify herself upon anyone within her grasp.

Her latest victim: Janet Jackson, who thought she was just promoting her new album. If only she knew.

I doubt Jermaine Dupri knows that much about Janet's ass, and I am pretty sure he studies it whenever he can. But that isn't the weirdest part. This is:

I assure you, I take no pleasure from this. Okay, maybe a little.

2 brain pickings:

  1. Hee. Vermillion, I think you're own to something, and not just in your sexually charged mind.

  2. Vermy, you're preaching to the choir here. Between groping Katharine McPhee's boobs and feeling up Mandy Moore's ass, she's long been established as a sexual predator of the lesbian variety. It's almost enough to make me overlook the fact that Tyra is, how shall I say, totally frakking insane. Damn, what I would give to have been in the crowd when she was grabbing Mandy's ass, and getting her to say the f-word...

    Sorry, got a little distracted by the thought of Tyra and Mandy, especially if Tyra had felt up Mandy's boobs too... um okay I should probably stop now before I make a mess on my keyboard. ;)


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