Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Battle is Raging

My nephew called me a couple of days ago. But this was not a friendly call. No, this was the latest salvo in an ongoing war between the two of us.

He called to tell his dear uncle that he recently received a Nintendo Wii as a reward for not crying at the doctor. Oh, do not be fooled by his young age, he is a willful one.

He proceeded to brag about all the fun he was having and how he wasn't going to let me play. I warned him that I would come over there and take it from him, me being bigger and all. He threatened to shoot me with his Nerf dart gun. I, of course, laughed at his threat.

Today, I indeed went over to my sister's house to claim the Wii. He put up a valiant fight, even drawing his most powerful weapon: The Call To Grandmama. I acquiesced, instead agreeing to settle our current flareup in hostilities first in Wii Bowling (he won) and then in Naruto: Clash of Ninja (I whooped his a I won.)

But we are still at loggerheads. I think next go-round will be at the Japan Club Video Arcade Weekend. He has no idea the myriad of games I can and will school him in. He continues to forget who trained him. It is time for him to finally acknowledge my dominance.

It is time for him to answer the question: who is the master?

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