Thursday, September 20, 2007

Update to the Update

- It seems that Mychal Bell, the first of the Jena 6 to be convicted, has been released from juvenile detention a few hours ago.Whoops. Looks like they decided to keep him in after all.

- Ziggy Stardust himself has donated money to help the boys with their defense.

- Here are some pictures from the protests today from ABC News. I can't stand the use of "explodes" in the title, because it sounds like this just up and happened out of nowhere.

Members of my family went there today. I have not talked to them yet, but I hope they are safe and just didn't pick up their phones. I may get back to my usual nuttiness next week, but until then, I am on break.

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2 brain pickings:

  1. Yeah, they did. Apparently Jena doesn't have long-distance cell service down there, only local. Figures.


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