Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trivia Thursday

It is once again time for Trivia Thursday! And this time, I promise to be completely non-biased by puppy love, TK.

1. True or False: Islam was always antagonistic to Judaism and Christianity.

2. What mayor of a major city managed to overshadow his own contributions to civil rights history with his illegal shenanigans while in office? Don't forget to mention what they did!

3. What famous warlord inspired the infamous "Lamentations of their women" line from Conan The Barbarian? Bonus if you can repeat the actual quote!

4. How did the "Happy Ending Equation" in mathematics get its name?

5. What should you say if someone asks you if you are a god?

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4 brain pickings:

  1. 1. Maybe?
    2. Arnold Schwarzenegger, by crushing the skull of a demonstrator between his titanium hands.
    3. Uhh
    4. I paid the extra $2o
    5. You say "YES!"

  2. I actually don't have a single clue about any of these (other than number 5, the answer being "Only on one of the smaller continents") so I'm not going to play.

    Ya couldn't skew favour my way even if you wanted to ;)

  3. 1) False?

    2)Daley? Long? Damnit Vermillion, you oughtn't make your readers feel dumb!

    3)The Warlord of Pez. From the Planet Pez. Of course.

    4)Fuck me. We know Fox's next show now: "Are you Smarter than a Vermillion."

    5)You say, "Yes!" and then you show this prehistoric bitch how we do things downtown.

  4. 1. False

    2. Marion Barry, that crack smoking "bitch set me up" darling.

    3. Genghis Kahn, and I believe the original had a bit about "seeing their heads lie before me".

    4. Um... I'm not touching that one. Get it? Touching? Ah, kill me.

    5. YOU SAY YES!


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