Friday, August 24, 2007

Semi-Original Idea Poll Results

As you can see, by quite a margin, the slasher/superteacher idea won out, followed closely by the Evil Overlord idea. I will take that to be a tacit approval of me expounding on the concepts a bit.

The winner was an idea I came up with after reading the Pajiba review of Freedom Writers. I wondered what it would take for one of these teacher characters to not be so freaking inspirational and bright-eyed. Like, are there any good teachers that aren't mini-Messiahs? Then I thought, you know who would be a fucked-up choice for a superteacher? A serial killer. While they are teaching Lashawn to read instead of deal drugs and Laquita to stop spreading her legs during the day, at night they go vigilante on the neighborhood, they zeal for 'saving' the troubled children corrupted into a sadistic urge to kill anyone considered a 'bad influence'. Kinda like The Substitute, only more gruesome and the teacher doesn't wait until someone close is hurt, but comes there intent of doing this kind of damage. My idea for the trailer, which really conveys the idea, is having "Ooh, Child" playing during a montage of in-classroom and death scenes.

And could someone tell me who is the smartass who voted for me to quit?

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