Friday, August 31, 2007

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Sorry about no trivia yesterday, had a bit of a long day and a foul mood. Next week, though, I will return to make you feel even dumber!

Dammit, Bale rules. Read a little snippet about him and his upcoming work.

Now that I have shamed myself for admitting I liked the first one, I must insist you watch the trailer for Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

The second of three reasons I am tempted to go see Balls of Fury. Reason one: the guys behind The State and Reno 911!. Reason three: Terry Crews doing anything.

I knew that guy Scary Spice married was bad news. No guy in his right mind would cut off his new wife's lesbian hookups. Not a one.

Okay, I already knew that Anna Faris and Kat McPhee were in House Bunny together. But Our Beloved Kat is in it as well? Goodbye $6.50 and 90 minutes of my life, then. By the way, I almost have enough guts stored up to post a comment there.

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3 brain pickings:

  1. Anna Faris and the two Kats? Jesus, that's like a trifecta of hotness. I may swoon.

  2. Aren't you married? Is Mrs. TK approving of this little obsession of yours?

  3. Re. AvsP II trailer.

    I never thought I'd say this (as someone who loves/owns Alien, Aliens, and the original Predator...and who has been consistently disappointed with every other incarnation thereof):

    I'm sold. To the cinema I just may go.


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