Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hottie in my Book: Sara Ramirez

Whys: I don't know if you know this, but, with a few notable exceptions, I have a thing for curves. And I am not talking about mosquito bites masquerading as curves; I mean the kind of shape that would make God cry at his handiwork. I am a DSGB*, and that was how I was raised, sir and/or madam. More cushion for the pushin', more bounce to the ounce. So when I look at Sara Ramirez, that is the kind of thickness I crave. Plus, she is pretty damn awesome on the inside to. I mean, she not only has a beautiful singing voice, but she used it as the original Lady of the Lake in freakin' Spamalot, people. Monty Python links are like 1,000,000 bonus points.

Why Nots: Well, there is one. Now, I could live with her being on Grey's Anatomy. I mean, I may not have heard of her if it wasn't for them, and she seems to have the least annoying character on the show (even thought WHY she is with that asshat George is beyond me...uh..I got it off of Wikipedia, honest). The problem is that she CHOSE to be on the show, because she was a fan. If you are doing for a paycheck, cool. But doing it becasue you think it is good? Pretty much a dealbreaker.

Then again...

I'm suddenly in a forgiving mood.

*Down South Georgia Boy.

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