Friday, August 17, 2007

For the Fellas (all 3 of them!) Links....

Note: It is quite sexist of me to assume these links would only interest males. So ladies, feel free to ogle over these as well.

Anna Faris is still yummy. (Fatback and Collards)

And so is Selma Blair. I can no longer watch Legally Blonde because the things I thought about her and Reese together would scare the fur off a cat. (JustJared)

I would so see that movie. Even if it had subtitles! (CityRag)

Beloved Kat Dennings with Emma Stone. Ignore the comments, for they are full of half-blind Commie pinko aliens that still live in their mom's basement. (Bastardly)

Now she has an obsession with fire who doesn't do well in hot climates and sleeps in hotpants. God is a cruel bastard, indeed. (Alex The Odd)

I read in the police blotter section of my local free paper that a guy found a note on his car that said "I'll be watching you - fucko." So, being the immature geek that I am, I immediately thought Kinky Kelly was loose again:

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6 brain pickings:

  1. Aaah, I was wondering exacly what it was that I did right. You are a very, very strange boy indeeed. I hope you know that ;)

    Also: you linked me as ogleworthy. I'm totally e-blushing right now.

  2. Yikes, Vermillion - you haven't noticed the extreme makeover Anna Faris's plastic surgeon gave her? She was much, much cuter before...poor thing looks like a damn Koi now.

  3. Alex: At this point "very, very strange" is a step up. Hell, after that Dark Phoenix thing, you are definitely getting a Hottie in my Book.

    I really should make little Flash widgets for that. And maybe one for the trivia as well. Hmmm...

    kolby: Yeah, I did notice it, but luckily I am a shallow, piggish male who can look beyond such things and see the still-quite-bonable woman underneath. And really, she had her nose tweaked. It isn't like she went Janice Dickinson on herself.

  4. Vermillion!

    Re: Kat Dennings

    All right. Pistols at dawn then?

    So be it.

  5. In case you don't see it on your blog:


    Re: Kat Dennings

    Funny thing for a man with no future to be declaring duels and such, but fine by me!

    *glove slap!*

    I demand satisfaction!

  6. You forget, a man with no future's got nothing to lose.


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