Monday, July 23, 2007

Hotties In My Book: Sienna Miller

Who she is: Actress, tabloid fodder, main thing I miss about Keen Eddie.

Why?: I have no idea. It is literally impossible for me to think a negative thought about her. I simply can't. I am madly in love with this woman, and I don't know why. Every little thing she does is magic. They just turn me on. She makes me quote really gay songs.

Why not?: Again, I don't know. Nothing can make me stop wanting her. In fact, I challenge my readers to come up with reasons for me to dislike her, and I will come up with ways to write them off and keep liking her. I should let you know now: I really never gave a crap about Philly; I completely love her looks at any time (for those with photos); and I am of the mind that she, like any woman, can resist a man's charms and doesn't have to nail every guy she meets (thereby ruling out most tabloid crap about her). So, go ahead, give it a shot.

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