Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hotties In My Book: Kat Dennings

First off: I felt the old title, "Who Am I Crushing On Now", insinuated that I was jumping from one woman to another, like they were temporary infatuations. Make no mistake, I still have intense feelings for all of them and more, feelings that would probably get me committed by some. This new title conveys my true intent: bringing attention to women that I want to have long-lasting romantic unions with. Oh and they are teh sexay also.

Moving on:

Whys: She is quite beautiful. She manages to stay down to earth and not end up like some of her peers. She seems to honestly enjoy acting instead of treating it like a paycheck. Plus THIS. This beautiful, wonderful stream of consciousness. And she has an attractive friend that she often gets into pillow fights with on camera. She does not support THE BLACK HOLE KNOWN AS MYSPACE. Plus, she likes manga and Burn Notice. She fully understands the wonder that is Jeffrey Donovan. How could I NOT like that?

Why Nots: I really can't think of any, aside from stalking laws. Hmmm.

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3 brain pickings:

  1. I can't wait to see who your crush picks are for Rock of Love. Although the pickins are kinda slim, if you ask me. That's pretty sad, that Flavor Flav gets better quality ass than Bret Michaels, huh?

  2. You can have all your other crushes. But Kat Dennings?

    I will fight you for her.

  3. litelysalted - We will have to see. But I think that it was more of a case of happy coincidence than Flavor Flav actually attracted women I liked. I mean, he had New York, for goodness sake.

    tk - Bring it on, buddy. I got a wooden sword and two weeks of JKD that says you will find somebody else to crush on.


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