Friday, July 27, 2007

A bit of a break

I will be going to get LASIK surgery on Saturday, and until I get an all clear on Monday, I won't be doing too much eye-straining. So you will just have to live without me for a while.

No, please, don't hurt yourselves over me. It isn't necessary. TK, put down the dog. You don't want to do something you will regret.

I have been reading up, and my sister (who got it at the same place I am going) says it is painless and quick, but I am still scared out of my mind.

Here's to no longer needing perscriptions and being able to wear shades with my cosplay (if I ever get up the nerve to do it).

Here is a little something to keep you happy through the weekend:

Thanks, Manny, for this nugget of joy:

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4 brain pickings:

  1. You'll have to tell me all about it - I've been thinking about it for a while. While I actually don't mind wearing glasses, and in fact kind of like them... I get a little tired of constantly breaking them and having to buy new ones.

    Also, please stop feeding Manny's ego. It is a wild beast that should not be brought any closer to civilization. And for the sake of Allah, keep your fingers away from the bars of the cage.

  2. Sure thing...and I know that feeling you are talking about. It almost feels like I am naked without them, and yet I curse them everytime the lens pops out when I sneeze too hard. Thanks to drugstore repair kits, I ave managed to keep this pair going for 7+ years.

    I may get a pair of really thin lensed glasses, or some shades. Just so I can have the familiar weight on my face.

    And you don't get to tell me about feeding Manny's ego, considering it was YOUR little caveat to him that really got him going. He is writing half the internet thanks to you.

  3. I'm with TK--I want to know how it went from someone who has the same "I feel naked without my glasses" feeling. Most people I know who have gotten the surgery hate their glasses to begin with. Hope it went well! --em

  4. Ahh, Vermillion, how art thou, lowly vassel? I hope yorn visit to the doctor yields favorable result. I would hate for you to miss your turn tilling my fields. Haveth a good day, and all hail the Lord of the Disco.

    Should you see TK in the street, please do me a favor and behead him, would you?


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