Monday, May 28, 2007

Somebody at L&O hates their parents

I was watching a marathon of Law & Order: Criminal Intent (the one that isn't about sex and doesn't have McCoy), and I noticed an interesting trend. It seems that all the criminals that could be considered 'masterminds' only had only real flaw: their parents. Somehow, someway, these people ended up growing up too fast, often times having to become the caretaker themselves while their parents wallowed in self-pity and denial.

Go ahead, take a look at an episode guide for the show. Heck, some of the cops have f'ed-up parents as well. And it isn't confined to CI. You have SVU, with one character the product of a rape, another from an abusive home, and myriads more. Which is why I say: Somebody at Law & Order hates their parents. A lot.

Sorry, getting a little punchy quite early on Memorial Day. I think it was because of my brother asking for advice on digital cameras while I was trying to sleep in. Maybe someone at L&O should do a bunch of eps about crappy siblings.

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  1. ha ha funny. But you know, read my blog and you'll see parents have a lot to do with the person you turn out to be...


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