Thursday, July 14, 2005

My first gaming convention, and not the last

WARNING: This post has significant geekage level. All non-geeks and low level geeks, please do not attempt this post at home. This was done by people train in handling the high amount of full frontal nerdity. All children whose caregivers wish them to be jocks or get laid, please do not read this post. Thank you.

Greetings everyone! This is Vermillion, back to regale(sp?) you with tales of my first gaming con. For those you may not remeber, I wrote a letter expressing the lack of gaming opportunities I had due to my being a minority. I had expressed my desire to attend a con and hang out with fellow gamers, but I never could find the time and/or funds to do so.

Well, thanks to a push from some very supportive people here, and a understanding dad, I was able to atteins Origns 2005 in Columbus, Ohio. It was amazing! I wish I could tell you all about every single instance, but for now, I will stick with just my gaming experiences. I may post the rest on my blog though.

First a shout out to my gaming partners. I can't remember names very well, but charge that to my head and not my heart.

Anyway, there were quite a few gaming highlights from my time at Origins. Here is what I can remember:

1) My first Hackmaster game. Called "Rescue at Chaucytown," our group never made it to the town, but I did win a "Event Winner" ribbon by having my gnome battle mage cast "Cloud of Pummeling Fists" on three bandits. Somehow, I ended up with 25 FISTS, resulting in 2 CRITS, 17 HITS, and three pretty much liquified bandits. Oh, and I gave the knight errant an Indian Burn. And this was my first Hackmaster game ever!

2) My first Dark Champions game. I played Blade from the book, a knife and machete wielding character, who doesn't like killing unless he has to, and tries to incapacitate foes whenever he can. I was playing with three gun-wielding charadcters with no such compunction. Guess who accidently caused the first fatality? Or, as I put it when I saw the damage, "I did not kill him. The bloodloss did. Did he die when I hit him? No. He was strill alive, just with a gaping hole in his torso, So there."

3) My first regular Champions game. How ironic this happened after the DC game. Our group was escorting a class of superpowered teens to the zoo. When we are attaked by VIPER thugs, one of the players (NOT ME) gets an idea. He decides that the acrobatic monkey boy with a helmet he is supposed to be watching is agile enough to grap an airborne foe and shut off his jetpack. Because he believed neither he (the PC) or the monkey boy can just jump up and reach the target, he THROWS the monkey boy at the VIPER, hoping that the other child under his care, an boy with luck powers, could help him succeed. And so he did, in a way. The monkey boy went up, slammed into the VIPER, and fell back down, dead. He took so much damage, the GM wouldn't roll for falling damage because felt so bad. The player was quoted as saying " I thought the helmet would protect him!" The other child took off in the other direction, while the VIPER agent barely felt it through his armor.

Good news: the VIPER guys couldn't attack him for I while, since they were so shocked, they could not figure whose side he was on.

Bad news: After the session, we found out that:
a) his character had enough STR to jump up to the VIPER agent himself,
b) the luck boy did have good luck, only it was only for him, and it caused bad luck for anyone around him, not that it mattered, because he never used his powers.

We did win though.

That is it for now. Later, I may tell the tales of M&M and the accidentaly drug-addicted teen hero, Dragonlance and the rod of wonder that both scewed and saved the party, and the FOUR HOUR GAME OF MUNCHKIN.

Until later, peace and chicken grease

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